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Introducing: Lusitanian Ghosts

Lusitanian Ghosts: Neil Leyton with an APC Beiroa


Portugal is the oldest country in present-day Europe, they say: founded in 1128 with its borders largely unchanged since the end of the “reconquista” in 1249, from the Minho Province to the Algarve. Long before that, the Romans called it Lusitania, as before them it was home to several Celtic tribes, with central Portugal being home to one of the main tribes who fought the Romans, the Lusitanians.

Music has strong roots in Portugal, long before Fado was invented: Arabic influences are felt to this day. It is a country rich in a wide regional variety of cordophones and other instruments on the verge of extinction. These, we very affectionately call the Lusitanian Ghosts.

Pictured above is a modern-day Viola Beiroa, with its drone double D string called “requinta”, made by Braga town luthier company APC Instruments. APC is one of a few companies keeping these old cordophones from extinction by making a whole new generation of Beiroas, Amarantinas, Toeiras, Campaniças, Braguesas and other guitars, each with its own particular tuning and in several variations of 8, 10, 12 and 15 strings.

Portuguese-Canadian indie-rock artist Neil Leyton, returned to Portugal in 2008 and has spent the better part of the last decade getting to know the Portuguese music industry after living in Canada, the UK and Sweden; and he now presents us with a new album, the debut from the Lusitanian Ghosts artist collective.

Drawing on several local as well as international musicians of several aesthetics, it is a rock n roll singer-songwriter record where we find Leyton and his merry men and women immersed in a no rules approach to musical exploration, anchored in rock n roll but showcasing to the world what these old “forgotten” cordophones sound like in the hands of Abel Beja (from Primitive Reason; playing the Terceira), Vasco Ribeiro Casais aka OMIRI (Braguesa), O Gajo (Campaniça master!), or even Leyton himself playing the Beiroa along with Micke Ghost, the only Swede to actually own and play the Amarantina! As for the Toeira, Guillermo de Llera (Primitive Reason) actually brought one down to the studio – this most rare ghost! – but nobody could really play it; Leyton tried in vain and passed it on to producer Ricardo Ferreira from BLIM Records. It actually has triple (not just double) strings!

The sessions at Canoa Studios in Portugal marked the return of Neil Leyton and Micke Ghost recording together in a studio, something that had not happened for ten years (since the Stockholm recording of “The Betrayal of the Self”, the last Neil Leyton solo album). In 2014, Leyton and Ghost performed together in Portugal opening for Primitive Reason in Ericeira, and the Lusitanian Ghosts were born – releasing the single “Blossom” in 2014. Then Leyton bought and gifted an APC Amarantina to Micke Ghost, delivering it in person in Stockholm in 2016. The stage was set for the making of a new, experimental album fusing this new sound into their songs.

Of course, all this studio experimentation could not go undocumented, and so producer par excellence Ricardo invited young Director André Miranda along with cinematographer Rita Laranjeira into the studio to film a “making of” that is turning into a full-fledged documentary film.

SCL and its label division, Lusitanian, is happy to announce that the Lusitanian Ghosts’ debut album is thusly scheduled for a Spring-Summer release in 2018, accompanied by its documentary film of the same title. The first single and video “Trailer Park Memories” is scheduled for February 2018.

More news coming soon along with the new site!


The Gift at The Great Escape & London’s Bush Hall

THE GIFT play TGE & LONDON UK and unveil “ALTAR”:

The Gift is an indie band from Portugal with an aesthetic ranging from pop rock to electronica. They are pioneering icons in the Portuguese DIY scene, hugely successful in their home country, where they have had several no. 1 hits including the brand new no. 1 record, “Altar“, produced by Brian Eno and mixed by Flood.

After performing at Groningen’s Grand Theatre for EUROSONIC, as well as additional showcases at SXSW, they will be heading to the UK to play THE GREAT ESCAPE at SALLIS BENNEY THEATRE, 8 PM, this Friday May 19th.

The Great Escape live UK debut of The Gift performing “Altar” will be followed by a *very special* London date at Bush Hall on the 25th.

“Altar” is released digitally via ALTAFONTE Distribution with physical distro via Proper (UK), Broken Silence (DE) and MVD (US).


Portugal’s The Gift unveil new single and video feat. Brian Eno

Portugal’s alt-indie DIY icons The Gift have unveiled the first single from their forthcoming album, produced by Brian Eno and mixed by Flood. The Independent (UK) premiered the video:

Canada’s The Shanks release “Prisons of Ecstasy” in Europe!


The Shanks’ fifth studio album, “Prisons of Ecstasy”, produced by Nicke Andersson (ex-Entombed, Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric) is set for a worldwide release date of October 14th.

While the US and Canada have already become familiar with the North.American version of the album, that was released Sep. 23rd, the October 14th release heralds the “Prisons of Ecstasy” DELUXE EDITION, and the CD comes with a bonus (hidden) track. The physical and digital (iTunes only) booklet also features full lyrics and the zeitgeist tales authored by Pistolwhip von Shankenstein, founder of the Shanks.

Meanwhile, Colonel Crankshaft has also overseen design production for the Deluxe Edition, which was undertaken in Madrid by ZORDON Spain – another country The Shanks hope to conquer in 2017.

Also be sure to check out The Shanks’ brand new video for Incarceration Man:




SCL at SXSW via WHY Portugal

SCL is happy to announce our participation in this year’s SXSW Trade Show via the WHY Portugal country stand:

The WHY Portugal stand is open to the participation of all registered Portuguese professionals attending SXSW Music, Film or Interactive conferences.

Captura de ecrã - 2016-02-28, 17.39.40

WHY Portugal is Portugal’s new music business cluster, promoting the 2017 Portugal Country Focus at Eurosonic ’17:

Meet us in Austin at stands 1607, 1609 at the SXSW Trade Show!

SCL Lusitanian at Eurosonic and Where’s the Music ’16

Happy new year everyone!

SCL-Agency and Lusitanian Publishing are happy to invite you to meet us at Eurosonic-Noorderslag 2016!

SCL’s Nuno Saraiva will be joined by Westway LAB Festival’s Rui Torrinha, Omnichord’s Hugo Ferreira, and other AMAEI guests in the biggest Portuguese PRO delegation yet to Europe’s leading live music professional conference:


SCL-Lusitanian will be representing Canada’s The Shanks, Brasil’s Alceu Valença and other great artists to the festival promoters and booking agents attending Eurosonic. Please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.

SCL’s Nuno Saraiva will also be participating on the panel celebrating IMPALA’s 15th Birthday!

Next up, in February, it’ll be Sweden’s Where’s the Music? turn to welcome us to the second edition of this great new conference and festival:

So, happy new year everyone, see you at the conferences!

For additional infos visit:


SCL at Womex ’15

SCL’s Nuno Saraiva will once again be presenting the IMMF Networking Session at this year’s WOMEX, alongside Striker’s Christoph Storbeck. The session will be held on October 23rd, 2015, at 15:45 in Networking Room 2 at the Bálna in Budapest.

SCL will also be at WOMEX representing its roster of international artists, including Brazil’s great songwriter and artist Alceu Valença, Tony Berchmans’ CINEPIANO live scoring piano show, and new street-jazz combo from Belo Horizonte, ZIMUN; as well as Portugal’s Primitive Reason, who release “Walk Inside: The Singles Collection” this week. Primitive Reason’s founder, Guillermo de Llera, also has several world-music side projects including Moksha, We Cut Hand, Red Shield, as well as brand new songwriter project The High Djinn, featuring traditional Portuguese guitars like the Amarantina, Campaniça, Terceirense and others. On the rock side, Canada’s The Shanks and legendary post-punk UK icons The Membranes round out our festival offers.

The Lusitanian music publishing roster will also be represented. Visit for further information. We look forward to meeting you at WOMEX 15 in Budapest!


SCL at Reeperbahn 2015

SCL’s Nuno Saraiva will once again be at Reeperbahn Festival this year.  From our consulting roster this Fall we are happy to feature two brand new albums and a very special collection available for licensing to new label homes. You can find out more about Primitive Reason’s “Walk Inside: The Singles Collection”, The Shanks’ “Prisons of Ecstasy”, produced by Nicke Andersson, as well as Polish singer-songwriter Aneta Nayan’s debut album by writing to set up a Reeperbahn meeting. Also visit






THE SHANKS: “Prisons of Ecstasy” new album teaser:

PRIMITIVE REASON: new single “Walk Inside”, title track for their new singles collection album (Kaminari Records):

ANETA NAYAN: debut single “Her Eyes” (Blim Records):


Primitive Reason greets 2015: Never Forget Your Freedom!

Alt-rock / crossover icons Primitive Reason ended 2014 with a “Primitive Tribe” fanclub concert at Lisbon’s MusicBox venue.

After a year of celebrating 20 years of Primitive Reason’s breaking musical ground crossing alternative rock with world music, the ES / US / PT collective started things off by packing Lisbon’s São Jorge Theatre in March 2014 with their Celebration! concert. The current Primitive Reason line-up welcomed not just Mark Cain (original saxophone player, responsible for that catchy sax line on the band’s first hit single, “Seven Fingered Friend”, back in ’96) and James Beja (NYC-born bassist, brother of longtime guitarist Abel Beja) but also Tó Bravo and Fabio Cruz on the horns, and special guests YouthOne, Nelassassin, Nuno Gomes and Marta Ren making Celebration… well, you know.

During the Summer, the band played festivals in Portugal and abroad (World music festivals like Festival MED (PT), new music festivals like Fusing Figueira da Foz (PT) and Mercat de Musica Viva de Vic (ES), as well as a home-coming at Cascais’ Festas do Mar (video below).

Now, for all Tribe members that were present at the year-end Music Box gig, Primitive Reason are offering a 5-track live EP from the Celebration concert at São Jorge so as to herald 2015 as a year of new music and new releases via the band’s own label, Kaminari Records: “Never Forget Your Freedom” presents 5 songs from the Celebration gig, “Man and the Mask”, “Higher Needs”, the classic “Bobo Grey”, “El Caballero” and “Wanea”:


Primitive Reason will present their fans with mid-January news on what is planned for 2015. Meanwhile we leave you with a few videos highlighting 2014:

Festas do Mar Interview:

Shadow Man / S. Jorge Footage:

Seven Fingered Friend feat. Marta Ren:





Alceu Valença edita em Portugal pela Lusitanian



Alceu Valença, cantor e autor brasileiro, completa 40 anos de carreira em 2014 com mais de 35 discos editados.

As celebrações deste momento especial chegam a Portugal com o lançamento de um álbum que percorre os maiores êxitos da carreira de Alceu – “Valencianas“. Alceu Valença cresceu em convívio direto com os elementos vivos que ajudaram a consolidar a cultura brasileira contemporânea. O canto dos aboiadores, emboladores, violeiros e cantadores de feira são algumas das influências que Alceu assimilou da cultura e música do agreste e do sertão. Atingiu o reconhecimento do público na década de 80, altura em que se recriou enquanto artista e formatou o estilo que o consagraria como um dos maiores poetas, cantores e compositores brasileiros.O compromisso com a identidade cultural nordestina é assumido e visível em músicas como “Coração Bobo”, “Anunciação”, “Tropicana”, “Belle de Jour”, “Porto da Saudade”, entre muitas outras que o tornaram no artista de referência que é no Brasil.

Para Alceu Valença, a ligação da cultura brasileira à cultura tradicional portuguesa é enorme e clara.

Recentemente gravou um tema com a jovem fadista Carminho – Frevo nº1 – incluído no álbum “Amigo da Arte” que a nova editora independente Lusitanian se prepara para editar em Portugal em Novembro.
No seguimento da edição destes álbuns, Alceu Valença apresentará em Janeiro, ao vivo em Lisboa e no Porto, o espetáculo “Valencianas“,  com o acompanhamento da Orquestra Ouro Preto tal como no disco.
A não perder!