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AMAEI & Broken Silence Showcase @ Reeperbahn

AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Music Association, and BROKEN SILENCE Distribution present:
Featuring: The Weatherman (PT), Frankie Chavez (PT), The Shanks (CA)
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The Shanks at CMW 2014: May 8th, Cherry Cola’s, late night / early morning!

SHANKS CMW 2014 Showcase – “German Heavy Metal Girl” Video Premiere Event
Celebrating the German release of The Shanks’ “Surfing the Lexicon” album, out on Phratry Records US and distributed in German by Broken Silence Distribution. 

Cherry Cola’s Rocknroll Cabaret
200 Bathurst St. Toronto
Thursday May 8, 3 AM

Canada’s “Grand Viziers of Rock Annihilation” the SHANKS present the world premiere screening of the video for the Squirtgun Records release of the new single track “GERMAN HEAVY METAL GIRL”. An epic Polish buffet rendered in the “Grand Style” will remain in place for the duration of the show, fully fortified as long as the supply lines can be maintained.

The show is also going to be broadcast live to the internet so our friends in the EU can tune in.

“Hard rock/indie like Motorhead and Two Gallants, also classic 70s
arena rock. Clear songs with dirty attitude. Final summary : GOOD” 3/4
ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (German Language Edition)

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SCL at Eurosonic and Midem 2014

SCL will be present at Eurosonic and Midem 2014.

First off, Portugal’s The Weatherman will be performing at Eurosonic. The Weatherman is part of our Fabulous Generation booking roster, and his newest, self-titled album will be released in the Netherlands this month. MOJO agency will be taking care of additional bookings, and Hand Broere has been hired to take care of PR. We recommend you visit The Weatherman’s website to find out about some of the best portpop this side of the channel!

 SCL’s Nuno Saraiva will also be attending MIDEM, as founder of the brand new MMF Portugal – Music Managers Forum Portugal, connecting new Portuguese managers to the IMMF – International Music Managers’ Forum.

Midem will also host meetings from the European and Worldwide Independent sector associations, WIN – World Independent Network and IMPALA. Saraiva will be present representing the Portuguese Independent Music Association, the AMAEI, as President (see

Via its La Maquina agency roster, SCL is also proud to represent Mick Harvey’s “Intoxicated Man: Mick Harvey performs the songs of Serge Gainsbourg” 2014 European tour. These very special shows will follow MUTE Records’ re-issues of both “Intoxicated Man” and “Pink Elephants”, Harvey’s translated Gainsbourg albums, originally released in the 90’s to great critical acclaim. Get in touch now if you are a festival booker and/or venue booker with a local string section!


Also via La Maquina, we are very happy to be consulting on the international development of Angolan artist Nástio Mosquito – after touring the world as a performance artist, with pit stops in several top-notch galleries and art events, Nástio releases an album entitled “Se Eu Fosse Angolano”, which translates to, “If I was Angolan”. A songwriters’ double-album that comes complete with S.E.F.A. Fast Food (a remix record), Nástio effectively answers the age-old question “What’s he gotta say, then?” put forth by Bob Dylan himself – here is a true artist with a lot to say. Find out more at


Last but not least, SCL is involved in the Westway VIVA Lisboa project, which aims to host, in Lisbon, Portugal’s first Professional Music Event, in April 2015. The Westway VIVA Lisboa will also be preceded by the Westway LAB festival in the city of Guimarães in 2014. More details coming soon via the facebook page


See you at the trade fairs and a happy new year to all!

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Primitive Reason release “Power to the People”

Inline image 3

PRIMITIVE REASON are an alternative cross-over rock band based in Portugal, with Guillermo de Llera (voice), Abel Beja (guitar), Luis Pereira (bass), Rui Travasso (Saxophone) and Tino Dias (drums). Known for their musical experimentalism and fusion, they are one of the main alternative acts in the Portuguese musical scene,with a strong fan base in the country, as well as in Spain and in the U.S.A. (where they lived from 1998 to2000).

In 2013, the band celebrate their 20th year with the release of 6th studio album, POWER TO THE PEOPLE. “What is Power but the ability to decide independently and act accordingly to one’s very own decisions as to what is best for one’s self? “Power to the People” might as well read: power tothe people to become free thinkers; power for the people to decide for themselves, or even power for the people to become independent and not subject to any leadership or government that does not suit their beliefs”, writes Guillermo de Llera:

“The real revolution has to come from within. We cannot allow ourselves to be herded into compliance and passive participation, we do not have todo as we are told, for we are free to do as we will it. The shackles that hold us back are in our own minds and they are invisible and strong but there is no prison that can hold a free mind. Our strength is in our numbers. If we all cease to ‘buy in’ then there is no business for the peddlers that have led us here in the first place. Within the crisis in this changing world, we can create the opportunity to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow. Through non-violence and non-participation we can peacefully force new ways to be forged. The decision is ultimately ours.”

The album was tracked in Portugal at drummer Tino Dias’ studio, mixed in NYC by multiple-Grammy winning mixer / producer Bob Brockmann (The Fugees, TLC, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J Blige, Usher, Dylan, etc.) and mastered out in California by vinyl expert John Golden. It is a Kaminari Records release (the bands’ own independent label), distributed internationally via several partners (Finetunes for digital distro, Broken Silence GSA, and others).

Inline image 2

Management: Nuno Saraiva 

Booking: La Maquina (worldwide), Tunesisters (GSA, Italy) |

Label: Kaminari

PR: Sara Espirito Santo |


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Erica Buettner in London!

ERICA BUETTNER’s “True Love and Water” in the UK

Erica Buettner’s debut album True Love and Water, produced in Paris by Pierre Faa is now out in the UK via Peppermoon Music and Proper distribution.  Erica will be in London for a couple of shows in April.

London Shows:

– April 6th: In-Store at ROUGH TRADE WESTLondon, 5 PM:

– April 8th, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, presented by Pull up the Roots:

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Frankie Chavez at Eurosonic 2013

Happy new year!

Following his several festival appearances last year (CMW, Reeperbahn, Medimex, etc.) Portugal’s singer/songwriter folk-blues revelation, Frankie Chavez, takes a plethora of guitars with him to the Netherlands for a Paradiso debut show as well as three Eurosonic shows. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with our representative to join Frankie’s professional team in your country!




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The Shanks with new video and vinyl release announcement!

Canadian Rock n Rollers, The SHANKS Return to the Dark Night of the 1979 Cincinnati Who Tragedy with Release of New Single and Song Video “Feel the Holes”:

Mono, Ontario– Canada’s self-styled “Grand Viziers of Rock Annihilation”, the SHANKS open up sensitive new veins in a creative new video shot in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Nov. 23rd European release of the new EP “Feel the Holes” through Broken Silence Distribution. Bassist and vocalist Ian Starkey discovered while on tour in the US that there was no monument at Riverfront Coliseum for the eleven young people who perished that December night in 1979. In response, he wrote a song as a memorial that dealt with the tragedy in a visual and architectural sense hoping that it would lead to healing and closure not only for the family and friends of the victims but ultimately also for the authorities and the musicians involved. US director Dave Markey of Cincinnati understood the message of the song and moved forward with Starkey to create an artistically analogous song video to go with it.

Ian “Pistolwhip von Shankenstein” Starkey and Jody “Colonel Crankshaft” Brumell, the two indefatigable, bass and drum heavyweights perhaps best known at home for their crushing and theatrical brand of rock performance, bring the circus to Germany for their first dates on the Continent at the end of Nov. 2012. With a turbulent, harmonically restless bass hook thickly layered with fast pounding beats, the new single’s lyrics paint the tragedy in reverent dramatic tones, perhaps somewhat in contrast to the duo’s reputation for absurdity, neo-political costume changes, as well as gastronomic and vinous excess.

Produced by Sir Ian Blurton (Weakerthans, Change of Heart, and other Canadian indie rock classics) in an agricultural shed, the EP single release “Feel the Holes’ paves the way for a Spring 2013 release of a full-length record tentatively titled “Coliseum”.

Hear hear.

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SCL at Reeperbahn Festival: The Portuguese-International Folk Connection!

In conjunction with Reeperbahn Campus, AMAEI and SCL’s distribution partner in Germany, Broken Silence, we are proud to present this year at Reeperbahn the Portuguese-International Folk Connection Showcase:







On Saturday, September 22nd, at the “Stage on Stage” in the main square of the Reeperbahn Festival, in the heart of the legendary St. Pauli neighbourhood, SCL will present acoustic showcases from the following three artists, seeking to expand our international partnerships with booking agencies:


Erica Buettner is a commanding new presence on the avant-folk scene. This 27-year-old American has spent the last several years in Europe, where she composed and recorded True Love and Water with producer Pierre Faa (Peppermoon Music) in a home studio in Paris, France. Recently, Erica relocated from Paris, France to Portugal, where she has been living for the past year.

“True Love and Water and Time Travelling alone suffice to convince us that a real talent in the landscape of female folksingers has just bloomed”. – François Gorin, Telerama

“Paris has its Sibylle Baier: an uprooted American whose enveloping siren song makes us lose all sense of reason.” –

“Ginsberg-ghosted Parisian-beat-music” – For Folk’s Sake


With the release of Red Orkestra’s fourth studio album, “Burning Little Empires”, in Europe, ringleader Johnny Charmer returns to Germany for a solo showcase set at Reeperbahn.

The music is a captivating mix of the personal and the political, the gentle and the aggressive, and the dynamics that lie between. The band itself has been an ever-changing cast of supporting characters, all of whom are distinguished musicians who have been members of—or have made contributions to—numerous bands (e.g. Galore, Ohbijou, Danny Michel, The Candidates, Neil Leyton, The Pariahs, The Ghosts, The Machines , Boy, etc.).

Johnny (formerly of the band Charmer, hence the honest surname!) solo comes across as an earnest mix of Johnny Cash, Billy Bragg and Morrissey.


Frankie Chavez is one of the most promising talents of the new Portuguese music scene; he has been referred to as the latest Blues revelation from Southern Europe. His music combines a diverse array of sounds resulting in a Blues/Folk sound made up of both clean sounds as well as more raw and psychedelic textures.

A multi-instrumentalist, Frankie uses several guitars with different tunings, personalized percussion and a wide number of effects pedals. When he overlaps different guitar layers with a loop station, he weaves a rich and aggressive tapestry of sound, where nothing is left out of place. Through his warm tone and strikingly intimate lyrics he creates a deep bond of closeness with his listeners, which accounts in part for all the sold out live shows in his native Portugal as well as the great recent live excursions into Canada, the US, and Mexico.

His album “Family Tree” has received some great reviews from Germany, and we need the right booking agency to get the show on the road!

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The Shanks (CA) invade Europe with “Skordalia”!

Here come The Shanks! Beware The Shanks!

Founded in 2005, the SHANKS are the rock n roll brainchild of songwriter/vocalist/bassist Ian Donald Starkey (Pistolwhip von Shankenstein). Starkey tapped drummer John David Brumell (who started slaying stages as a SHANK in 2010) to play on the latest SHANKS release “Skordalia”. Brumell (Colonel Crankshaft) began to play the drums when his parents took him in utero to see Buddy Rich at the Imperial room. A rock duo of the largest caliber firepower made up of only bass and drums, “Skordalia”, earned them an EXCLAIM! Magazine “Album of the Year” nomination.

“Skordalia” is now set to be released in Europe via Sonic RendezVous, a strategic entry point in The Shanks’ invasion that sees them land a little to the North of Dunkerke, closer to Alkmaar, in September 2012.

Could this initial maneuver perhaps be a decoy, though? The Shanks promise brand new music striking the rock n roll heart of Germany in November of this same year, and produced by Sir Ian Blurton no less!

“Alice Cooper eat your heart out, Ian Starkey has found an interesting way to take leave of the everyday… a musical wizard who brings an epic quality to each tune” In The Hills

“If you like the Dead Boys, you’ll like the SHANKS… Chart-blasting two-piece rocknroll grenades for animal husbandry enthusiasts… do you really know where meat and potatoes come from?” New Music Canada / CBC3

“Deep, hard-driving rock that carries the listener along with a dark but captivating style” The Gauntlet
“The SHANKS? It’s like…. rock and roll high school!”  Dave Bookman THE EDGE 102.1

‘On a farm in the middle of nowhere the SHANKS fine-tuned their bass/drum assault. Despite the lack of members, SHANKS manage to create some big-sounding music, stacking the haunting vocals of Pistolwhip von Shankenstein over pounding and deceptively simple drumming” EXCLAIM!

Watch The Shanks’ TENDERIZER video:

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New Management Client at SCL: Erica Buettner

SCL is thrilled to have on board our management roster American folk artist Erica Buettner:


“True Love and Water” and “Time Travelling” alone suffice to convince us that a real talent in the landscape of female folksingers has just bloomed. – François Gorin, Telerama

Paris has its Sibylle Baier: an uprooted American whose enveloping siren song makes us lose all sense of reason. –

Ginsberg-ghosted Parisian-beat-music – For Folk’s Sake

Find out more at