SCL at Reeperbahn Festival: The Portuguese-International Folk Connection!

In conjunction with Reeperbahn Campus, AMAEI and SCL’s distribution partner in Germany, Broken Silence, we are proud to present this year at Reeperbahn the Portuguese-International Folk Connection Showcase:







On Saturday, September 22nd, at the “Stage on Stage” in the main square of the Reeperbahn Festival, in the heart of the legendary St. Pauli neighbourhood, SCL will present acoustic showcases from the following three artists, seeking to expand our international partnerships with booking agencies:


Erica Buettner is a commanding new presence on the avant-folk scene. This 27-year-old American has spent the last several years in Europe, where she composed and recorded True Love and Water with producer Pierre Faa (Peppermoon Music) in a home studio in Paris, France. Recently, Erica relocated from Paris, France to Portugal, where she has been living for the past year.

“True Love and Water and Time Travelling alone suffice to convince us that a real talent in the landscape of female folksingers has just bloomed”. – François Gorin, Telerama

“Paris has its Sibylle Baier: an uprooted American whose enveloping siren song makes us lose all sense of reason.” –

“Ginsberg-ghosted Parisian-beat-music” – For Folk’s Sake


With the release of Red Orkestra’s fourth studio album, “Burning Little Empires”, in Europe, ringleader Johnny Charmer returns to Germany for a solo showcase set at Reeperbahn.

The music is a captivating mix of the personal and the political, the gentle and the aggressive, and the dynamics that lie between. The band itself has been an ever-changing cast of supporting characters, all of whom are distinguished musicians who have been members of—or have made contributions to—numerous bands (e.g. Galore, Ohbijou, Danny Michel, The Candidates, Neil Leyton, The Pariahs, The Ghosts, The Machines , Boy, etc.).

Johnny (formerly of the band Charmer, hence the honest surname!) solo comes across as an earnest mix of Johnny Cash, Billy Bragg and Morrissey.


Frankie Chavez is one of the most promising talents of the new Portuguese music scene; he has been referred to as the latest Blues revelation from Southern Europe. His music combines a diverse array of sounds resulting in a Blues/Folk sound made up of both clean sounds as well as more raw and psychedelic textures.

A multi-instrumentalist, Frankie uses several guitars with different tunings, personalized percussion and a wide number of effects pedals. When he overlaps different guitar layers with a loop station, he weaves a rich and aggressive tapestry of sound, where nothing is left out of place. Through his warm tone and strikingly intimate lyrics he creates a deep bond of closeness with his listeners, which accounts in part for all the sold out live shows in his native Portugal as well as the great recent live excursions into Canada, the US, and Mexico.

His album “Family Tree” has received some great reviews from Germany, and we need the right booking agency to get the show on the road!

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