The Shanks with new video and vinyl release announcement!

Canadian Rock n Rollers, The SHANKS Return to the Dark Night of the 1979 Cincinnati Who Tragedy with Release of New Single and Song Video “Feel the Holes”:

Mono, Ontario– Canada’s self-styled “Grand Viziers of Rock Annihilation”, the SHANKS open up sensitive new veins in a creative new video shot in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Nov. 23rd European release of the new EP “Feel the Holes” through Broken Silence Distribution. Bassist and vocalist Ian Starkey discovered while on tour in the US that there was no monument at Riverfront Coliseum for the eleven young people who perished that December night in 1979. In response, he wrote a song as a memorial that dealt with the tragedy in a visual and architectural sense hoping that it would lead to healing and closure not only for the family and friends of the victims but ultimately also for the authorities and the musicians involved. US director Dave Markey of Cincinnati understood the message of the song and moved forward with Starkey to create an artistically analogous song video to go with it.

Ian “Pistolwhip von Shankenstein” Starkey and Jody “Colonel Crankshaft” Brumell, the two indefatigable, bass and drum heavyweights perhaps best known at home for their crushing and theatrical brand of rock performance, bring the circus to Germany for their first dates on the Continent at the end of Nov. 2012. With a turbulent, harmonically restless bass hook thickly layered with fast pounding beats, the new single’s lyrics paint the tragedy in reverent dramatic tones, perhaps somewhat in contrast to the duo’s reputation for absurdity, neo-political costume changes, as well as gastronomic and vinous excess.

Produced by Sir Ian Blurton (Weakerthans, Change of Heart, and other Canadian indie rock classics) in an agricultural shed, the EP single release “Feel the Holes’ paves the way for a Spring 2013 release of a full-length record tentatively titled “Coliseum”.

Hear hear.

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