Primitive Reason release “Power to the People”

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PRIMITIVE REASON are an alternative cross-over rock band based in Portugal, with Guillermo de Llera (voice), Abel Beja (guitar), Luis Pereira (bass), Rui Travasso (Saxophone) and Tino Dias (drums). Known for their musical experimentalism and fusion, they are one of the main alternative acts in the Portuguese musical scene,with a strong fan base in the country, as well as in Spain and in the U.S.A. (where they lived from 1998 to2000).

In 2013, the band celebrate their 20th year with the release of 6th studio album, POWER TO THE PEOPLE. “What is Power but the ability to decide independently and act accordingly to one’s very own decisions as to what is best for one’s self? “Power to the People” might as well read: power tothe people to become free thinkers; power for the people to decide for themselves, or even power for the people to become independent and not subject to any leadership or government that does not suit their beliefs”, writes Guillermo de Llera:

“The real revolution has to come from within. We cannot allow ourselves to be herded into compliance and passive participation, we do not have todo as we are told, for we are free to do as we will it. The shackles that hold us back are in our own minds and they are invisible and strong but there is no prison that can hold a free mind. Our strength is in our numbers. If we all cease to ‘buy in’ then there is no business for the peddlers that have led us here in the first place. Within the crisis in this changing world, we can create the opportunity to plant the seeds for a better tomorrow. Through non-violence and non-participation we can peacefully force new ways to be forged. The decision is ultimately ours.”

The album was tracked in Portugal at drummer Tino Dias’ studio, mixed in NYC by multiple-Grammy winning mixer / producer Bob Brockmann (The Fugees, TLC, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J Blige, Usher, Dylan, etc.) and mastered out in California by vinyl expert John Golden. It is a Kaminari Records release (the bands’ own independent label), distributed internationally via several partners (Finetunes for digital distro, Broken Silence GSA, and others).

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Management: Nuno Saraiva 

Booking: La Maquina (worldwide), Tunesisters (GSA, Italy) |

Label: Kaminari

PR: Sara Espirito Santo |


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