Project Management & Consulting:

Nuno Saraiva is currently the international music publishing consultant at Altafonte Music Publishing, a Spain-based publisher active in the Latin markets.

International Artist Development Consulting:

In the past, Nuno Saraiva and the SCL team were international development consultants for several clients. Throughout 2011 Saraiva worked with Vachier & Associados on the international development of Rita Redshoes, Sean Riley & the Slowriders (the first Portuguese artists ever to play Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg!) and David Fonseca.  SCL’s next international development clients included Maya Solovéy (US), Red Orkestra (CA), The Dead Hands (DE), The Shanks (CA) and Frankie Chavez (PT). SCL was also the international consultant for Portugal’s most successful DIY indie band, The Gift, whose newest album “Altar” was produced by Brian Eno.

WHY Portugal:

Nuno Saraiva is International Project Lead for WHY Portugal, the new music exchange platform and Export Office from Portugal. Saraiva led the Eurosonic Country Focus on Portugal, that took place in Groningen, Netherlands, January 2017.

First European Creative Hubs Forum:

Nuno Saraiva was Programme Manager for the ECHF, held at the São Jorge Cinema in Lisbon in January 2015, co-organized by British Council and ADDICT – Creative Industries Cluster in Porto, Portugal. The event gathered over 500 Hub Managers and Creative Industries Professionals from all over Europe in Lisbon, Portugal, to discuss capacity building topics for the creative industries and hub managers.

CMW 2012 Trade-Fair / Professional Representation:

SCL was a leading partner in the “mission : Canada” project: in the absence of a Portugal Music Export Office, under the banner of the new Association of Portuguese Independent Music (AMAEI), “mission : Canada” represented Portuguese artists in Canada for CMW 2012 with their annual focus on Portugal and Spain. A total of 7 Portuguese artists, including Mikkel Solnado, Darko, Dead Combo, Youthless and Frankie Chavez, performed in Toronto for CMW. Thanks to CMW for making it all possible!


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