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The Shanks (CA) invade Europe with “Skordalia”!

Here come The Shanks! Beware The Shanks!

Founded in 2005, the SHANKS are the rock n roll brainchild of songwriter/vocalist/bassist Ian Donald Starkey (Pistolwhip von Shankenstein). Starkey tapped drummer John David Brumell (who started slaying stages as a SHANK in 2010) to play on the latest SHANKS release “Skordalia”. Brumell (Colonel Crankshaft) began to play the drums when his parents took him in utero to see Buddy Rich at the Imperial room. A rock duo of the largest caliber firepower made up of only bass and drums, “Skordalia”, earned them an EXCLAIM! Magazine “Album of the Year” nomination.

“Skordalia” is now set to be released in Europe via Sonic RendezVous, a strategic entry point in The Shanks’ invasion that sees them land a little to the North of Dunkerke, closer to Alkmaar, in September 2012.

Could this initial maneuver perhaps be a decoy, though? The Shanks promise brand new music striking the rock n roll heart of Germany in November of this same year, and produced by Sir Ian Blurton no less!

“Alice Cooper eat your heart out, Ian Starkey has found an interesting way to take leave of the everyday… a musical wizard who brings an epic quality to each tune” In The Hills

“If you like the Dead Boys, you’ll like the SHANKS… Chart-blasting two-piece rocknroll grenades for animal husbandry enthusiasts… do you really know where meat and potatoes come from?” New Music Canada / CBC3

“Deep, hard-driving rock that carries the listener along with a dark but captivating style” The Gauntlet
“The SHANKS? It’s like…. rock and roll high school!”  Dave Bookman THE EDGE 102.1

‘On a farm in the middle of nowhere the SHANKS fine-tuned their bass/drum assault. Despite the lack of members, SHANKS manage to create some big-sounding music, stacking the haunting vocals of Pistolwhip von Shankenstein over pounding and deceptively simple drumming” EXCLAIM!

Watch The Shanks’ TENDERIZER video:

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New Management Client at SCL: Erica Buettner

SCL is thrilled to have on board our management roster American folk artist Erica Buettner:


“True Love and Water” and “Time Travelling” alone suffice to convince us that a real talent in the landscape of female folksingers has just bloomed. – François Gorin, Telerama

Paris has its Sibylle Baier: an uprooted American whose enveloping siren song makes us lose all sense of reason. –

Ginsberg-ghosted Parisian-beat-music – For Folk’s Sake

Find out more at

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Canada’s Red Orkestra release “Burning Little Empires” in Europe

Canada’s alt-folk / country-rock project Red Orkestra, led by singer-songwriter Johnny Charmer, release their 4th album, Burning Little Empires, in Europe this month via distributors Compact Records in Portugal, Sonic RendezVous in the Netherlands and Broken Silence in Germany, with digital distribution via Finetunes. Press and PR will be handled by Fabulous Generation (PT) and Starkult (DE).

Recorded by Red Orkestra’s current line up consisting of Johnny Charmer, Steve Parkinson, Neil McDonald and Rick Andrade, Burning Little Empires was produced in Toronto and Winnipeg by Steve Payne.

The new single from the forthcoming Red Orkestra album, Burning Little Empires, is now available for listening and downloading. Check out the Downloads section of to hear The 7th Seal.

Many thanks to the Royal Art Lodge for the cover art, You’re never too young for forever.

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The Road to Mazgani

The documentary “The Road to Mazgani”, directed by Rui Pedro Tendinha, is SCL’s first documentary production. The road movie follows singer/songwriter Mazgani through his first European tour, breaking new ground in Spain, The Netherlands, and France before coming home to Lisbon with a sold-out performance at Teatro Aberto. Director Rui Tendinha and cameraman Abel Rosa documented the harsh reality on the road in new countries for an independent artist breaking new ground. A true road movie coming to film festivals later this year.



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SCL at Midem 2012

Following our participation at Eurosonic, SCL heads to Cannes for this year’s MIDEM.

We will be representing our management clients as well as consultancy rosters there. We look forward to meeting you!

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SCL Agency at Festivals / Conferences

Nuno Saraiva (Manager, SCL-Agency) and Ana Figueiredo (Agent, Fabulous Generation) will be at Glimps (BE) in December, Eurosonic (NL) in January with Old Jerusalem, Midem (FR), and CMW (CA) over the next few months.

Below is some additional information on these conferences / festivals:

Glimps (BE):

SCL’s agency Fabulous Generation has an artist performing at Glimps. LOST MICHI plays Ghent on Saturday the 17th of December.

Additional information on the page .

Eurosonic (NL):

SCL and the PAD Artist Collective ( have an artist performing as part of Network Europe’s Eurosonic showcase on January 12th, 22:15, at Newscafé in central Groningen. OLD JERUSALEM have been getting some great reviews in Germany also, where the record is now out via Broken Silence. Don’t miss it!

As for CMW, given its focus on Spain and Portugal for 2012, SCL is proud to represent several talented Portuguese artists that will be heading to Toronto in March as part of mission : Canada. These artists include MAZGANI and others to be announced. For now we leave you with mission : Canada’s Facebook page.



Nuno Saraiva estreia a secção de managers na rede, ou “Network”, do site Offbeatz:

Do site: “O OFFBEATZ é um formato, multi-plataforma, de descoberta, divulgação e apoio de tudo o que mais excitante e inovador se faz no panorama musical português e de todos os seus intervenientes: bandas, músicos, editoras, realizadores de videoclips, fotógrafos, etc.

Tendo como objectivo dar o máximo de visibilidade aos talentos de todas as áreas da nova música portuguesa, o conceito OFFBEATZ tem o seu site como núcleo central de toda a comunidade, tendo depois também presença em eventos ao vivo, televisão, rádio e redes sociais.”

Muito obrigado à Sara Ribeiro, Rui de Brito e toda a equipa do Offbeatz pela excelente iniciativa do Clube Offbeatz às 4as feiras no MusicBox – a fazer a diferença na noite do midweek Lisboeta!

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SCL-Agency is a Lisbon-based Music Management Company and Consulting Company.

Within our company structure we also have a Portuguese booking agency with PT as well as international rosters, Fabulous Generation. We host an indie artist collective from Braga, Portugal, called PAD, and we consult on the international development of several Portuguese and international artists. We are also developing a road management and tour service for artists touring in Portugal, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

SCL Agency (Saraiva Canejo Leitão Unipessoal Lda.) is a member of both musicaPT, the Portuguese Agents & Managers Association, as well as Network Europe, an European Booking Agents’ Association.

We look forward to your contact and inquiries.